Quick Information

for models

Nudity is not required to work with me

It really isn't. I've probably already said it, but here it is again :)

The [Closer] series

I'm not in the car with the model. The model is inside the car, AC running, and I'm outside the car shooting through the open door- even if it rains (I put up a cover).

You decide what you show, don't show, or cover

Fully clothed, lingerie, implied, topless, tasteful artistic nude? It's your body and your decision, not mine. I'll ask what you're comfortable shooting right away, and we'll plan from there.

Looking to pose freely in topless or nude and have all the photos censored later? No problem.
Interested in trying something revealing (sheer tops, topless, tasteful nude) and seeing/approving the results before they get posted anywhere? Absolutely.

I always want to create an environment where people can express themselves, but I also want people to feel comfortable to challenge themselves to try something more if they want to, and in a safe way. If this happens, you see the finished photos of any revealing work before they get posted *anywhere* public, right here in your own private gallery. You decide what we share, and what remains your private work.

Questions are great!

Please feel free to ask me questions about working with me, I welcome them. Good communication is very important :)

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